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£20 or less Brooches

Everything you can pin, clip or fasten

Brooches, pins and clips have been worn for centuries.

Each generation chooses and wears these signifiers in a new way; drawing attention to their status, values and beliefs.

Gold and Pearls

Lions, tigers and Bears

Everything that walks, swims or flies.

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Copper Pearls

Miniature brooches of pearl, copper and brown rhinestones sit amongst butterflies, dried flowers and shells gazing into the sea.

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Summer Golds

Gold shields and symbols spin together, shining brightly all summer long.

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Old Hollywood Noir

Lights up, gecko runs across gems in protagonist's dressing room. Fabulousness ensues.

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white roses

I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. How about a lovely brooch?

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Violet Sparkles

All things shiny and sparkly with amethyst, lavender and purple rhinestones matched with green, yellow and magical silver.



A collection of antique and vintage brooches featuring Coalport porcelain, mother of pearl, shell cameo alongside roses, pearls, trees and beautiful ladies. 

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Silver Shapes

Silvery summer tones of chrome, stainless steel and sterling shine against scarabs, abalone, pearls by Peak, Sarah Coventry and Alpaca.

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Summer Pinks

Gorgeous pink flowers sit alongside mother of pearl, porcelain and rhinestone beauties reflecting all the colour summer brings.

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Gift Wrap and Shipping


Eco Friendly

I have worked hard to create attractive packaging and shipping options that are affordable and environmentally friendly. It is also important that delicate jewellery is protected during transport. Everything is or can be recycled apart from the bubble envelope used for the gift-wrap option.

Option 1

Postal Box

Your brooch will be wrapped in tissue and nestled in paper shred accompanied with a supportive sponge and business card, within a small postal box. The postal box fits through a standard letterbox.

This packaging is suitable for gift giving.



Gift Box and Envelope

This option includes a separate box with a lid. The brooch and its supportive sponge are wrapped in tissue and the box tied with ribbon and business card. The box is placed within a bubble envelope. Deemed a small package, it does not fit through a standard letterbox.

Gorgeous butterfly earrings

Over 70 years old these hand painted, cold enamel screw back earrings are are perfect to wear as a set, a single, or alongside other piercings. 


Pop ups, markets and fairs

I am trading virtually now.

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