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Mid-Century Glass Brooches from Czech Republic

Mid-Century Glass Brooches from Czech Republic

Mid-Century Glass Brooches from Czech Republic

Hand made and hand painted, these brooches are over seventy years old.


They were made in a glass button factory in the town of Smržovka in the Czech Republic. The factory has been closed for many years.

Originally, Smržovka was a centre for the flax and cotton industries, but the glass industry also began to develop as early as the 16th century.

The glass works, which were established in Smržovka, were the foundation for the later success of the Jablonec costume jewellery industry.

One of the most important glassworks was the Zenkner glassworks dating from the end of the 17th century.

Other proprietors, such as the Riedels, developed new glass technology and were famous for their products such as artificial pearls, later known as rocailles, and unique glass buttons.

I sourced these brooches from a glass button collector.


Audra Daws-Knowles 2023

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