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They Fluttered By and Flew Away

They Fluttered By and Flew Away

These lovely 1970s Danish brooches were only with me for a week or two and now they have fluttered away to Japan. Purchased by a vintage dealer at Clerkenwell Vintage Fair they are a rare design by Ketty Dalsgaard.
Dalsgaard designed jewellery for Buch Deichman.
Buch and Deichmann started up in the early 1970's and specialised in plastic hair accessories. Dalsgaard famously designed pins and bracelets for them.
She was inspired by  inspired by the ropes and materials on local fishing vessels in Denmark. The results were wonderfully light, tactile pieces conceived in vivid pigments, and the collaboration led to a hugely successful range of accessories made of colourful plastic materials which were sold in high-end department stores.
The company no longer makes plastic jewellery and such pieces are highly collectable.

Marks: Ketty Dalsgaard, Denmark, B+D

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