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What makes a good coat brooch?

What makes a good coat brooch?

Brrr...the leaves are starting to change colour.

It is almost time to get your winter woolies on. It's not quite frosty but there is a chill in the air. Layers, scarves and a big coat are the fashion essentials for this time of year.

There are numerous ways to wear a brooch on outdoor wear such as on the collar, lapel, or shoulder. A brooch can be used to keep a scarf in place or worn on a hat for decoration.

A vintage brooch can transform your everyday coat into something spectacularly fashionable, fun or daring. Accessories do not need to be big, flashy or expensive to have an impact.

Chose a style that reflects your fashion personality, be it classic, whimsical, artistic or trendy.

What makes a good coat brooch?

Size, style and material are the most important for fashion points but for practicality a coat brooch needs to be secure, not get caught on other commuters, bags or rucksack straps as well as be weather resistant.

  • Choose botanical, abstract or figurative styles that are smooth or rounded.
  • Avoid spikey shapes or glued on stones. Choose claw set rhinestones and pearls can take the weather and remain intact after daily commutes.
  • To start conversations why not select a popular charismatic megafauna like the silver toned giraffe brooch or choose a golden leopard?
  • A tiny pin can also add a touch of sparkle to a dreary lapel.

 vintage brooches from audra's brooches

Why choose a vintage brooch?

  • Wearing a vintage brooch is a wonderful way to add a touch of timeless elegance and individuality to your outfit.
  • It is a sustainable fashion choice that contributes to the circular
economy and reduces the demand for new, mass-produced items and makes a positive impact on the environment.
  • Vintage brooches reflect the attention to detail of the design and choice of quality materials of an earlier time. Care was taken in their manufacture and many items were handmade.

A vintage brooch is the perfect way to lift a coat, jumper or jacket by adding colour, shine and sparkle 

So, bundle up and remember that a brooch is a wonderful way to turn last year's coat into this season's favourite.

vintage leopard brooch from audra's brooches

Wear a vintage brooch and showcase your personal style this winter.

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