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How to keep a brooch from falling off...

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Subscribe to Audra's Brooches and receive a 20% off discount code.

The Problem

All brooch lovers know that we risk losing our favourite pieces every time we pin them on and head to work or play. It is a chance we are willing to take in order to create our own unique style.

C-Clasp Brooches

Most pins pre-1950s have a simple C-clasp that is only secure if the pin is pressed gently against the hook. 

Heavy Brooches

Many 1950s-60s as well as modern brooches were designed to be worn on thick garments such as suits, coats or wool dresses.

Even with a safety clasp the brooches can flop, drag or even rip a modern garment.

The Fix

Use a make-up sponge to secure a brooch safely and effectively to any garment.

A c-clasp brooch combined with the sponge provides enough tension to ensure it will not unlock.

Heavy brooches are supported by the sponge so they sit upright and do not flop.

Tell me that again!

Any brooch can be worn on any fabric, securely and attractively, simply by pinning it through a sponge placed behind the garment.

If the brooch accidentally opens the sponge will prevent it from sliding out and becoming lost.

Finally, the sponge also keeps the brooch close to the garment and prevents it from getting caught on the straps or handles of bags.

But that's so simple...

Yes. Simply place a makeup sponge between the garment and the brooch to create a secure platform that holds brooches of any age securely.

This fashion hack ensures vintage and modern pins are supported and sit up properly wherever we put them.

Where can I get a brooch sponge?

I provide all my customers with a complimentary sponge to support their brooches.

You can also purchase them individually.

Buy a brooch sponge here.

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