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Buffalo Style

Buffalo Style

In the 2017 Unravel podcast they state “Buffalo appropriated high and low culture, as well as sportswear and American, to create a unique sense of style. They were also influenced by street style and club culture, attitude versus clothing, Reggae, Africa and Cowboys. The collective went on to influence street style and fashion directly from 1984-89.”
vintage brooch

Definition of the Buffalo style: a counter culture style created by Ray Petri in 1984 inspired by US, UK and other sartorial histories.

vintage pearl brooch

And it’s not just a brooch it’s a nod to the unique genius and authentic fashion history of the people who created and democratised fashion for everyone.

Check out my latest Pinterest Board on historical and contemporary examples of Buffalo Styling

Jamie Morgan for The Face November 1984

Definition of Buffalo collective: a creative team of artists, models, and musicians led by Ray Petri that worked in England between 1984 and 1989.

According to Deidre Dyer in her 2015 Fader article The Unsung ‘80s Style Movement That Predicted Fashion’s Genderless Present, “Petri’s vision for Buffalo was almost prophetic; it foreshadowed contemporary fashion’s increasingly post-gender identity, laid the groundwork for the merging of sportswear and high fashion, and elevated youth street style to glossy new heights. Buffalo was more than a trend; it was more like a multi-faceted, avant-garde state of mind”.

vintage buffalo style brooch

Watch this very cool explanation of the style’s origin and expression in video form by Jamie Morgan narrated by Neneh Cherry in 2015. The Jamie Morgan, photographer of the photo with model above.


These fabulous brooches from the 1980s reflect one of the most fantastic and influential styles in fashion. Buffalo Style never leaves our minds representing the iconic and innovative power of fashion to link history, culture, art, and music.

 Image of model from Perfect magazine

Even in the present 2020s fashion and style landscape Buffalo reigns supreme as seen in the styling of the photo above for Perfect Magazine. Find out all of the folk involved in creating this image here.


My Buffalo style collection of brooches encompasses the military, nautical, gothic, natural and religious iconography that inspired Petri and other creative within this movement.

Shop all the styles here or click on the images above.

If you want to find out more about Buffalo style, its creators and its contributors, click on the references below. Go deep my friends. It is always worth it. These fashion geniuses add to the joy and unique experience we all enjoy as clothed humans.


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