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How not to lose a brooch ever...

Fashion hack to keep your brooches secure and upright.

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Many vintage, as well as, modern brooches are designed to be worn on thick garments such as suits or coats.
Even with a safety clasp, brooches can become loose and fall off. 


bengel brooch on model
brooch sponge
Use a brooch sponge to secure a brooch safely and effectively to any material. Pop the sponge behind the fabric and poke the pin through enough of the sponge to secure it.
An antique c-clasp brooch combined with the sponge provides enough tension to ensure it will not unlock. The silicon material keeps it from slipping.
Heavy brooches are also supported by the sponge so they sit upright, close agains the body and do not flop.
One sponge can hold up to three brooches at once and allows for a fashionable cluster.
Complimentary sponge included with every brooch that requires one.


 Click to watch my YouTube video here

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