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Winged Ibex Brooch

Winged Ibex Brooch

What creature is this brooch and why is it so special?

winged ibex brooch

A winged ibex, it is a 1960s design based on a 4th century handle for a metal amphora shaped vessel made in ancient Persia, now modern Iran.

Here is the original winged ibex that the brooch is based on.

winged ibex handle

The detail of the ancient piece was achieved using the lost wax technique. It has been suggested that this piece of art resembles both the god Bes and the Greek god Silenus, which may indicate that it was designed by a Greek artisan.

You can see the Winged Ibex handle in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

The modern brooch is a whimsical version of this culturally significant art work from 400 BCE of and a comparatively recent event of the 1970s.

The brooch was designed and produced to celebrate the 2,500th Year of the Foundation of the Imperial State of Iran. A tented city was created in Persepolis to hold an unprecedented celebration.

In 1971, this national event in Iran was attended by all of the world’s elite and watched by the rest of us via television. A luxurious banquet for 600 guests was served accompanied by entertainment and countless gifts. No cost was spared for the delight and comfort of these guests over the three days of celebrations.

Regular folk could join this prestigious and fashionable event through the purchasing and wearing of jewellery that reflected the culture, style and trends created by the global event.

And so can you.

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