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Brooch Sponge
Brooch Sponge
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Brooch Sponge

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All brooch lovers know that we risk losing our favourite pieces every time we pin them on and head to work or play. It is a risk we are willing to take to create our own unique style.

Use a sponge (traditionally for make up) placed between the garment and the brooch to make a secure pad that holds C-claps brooches of any age securely and ensures modern weighty pins are supported and sit up properly wherever we put them.

You can pop the sponge behind lapels, inside hats, waistbands, or any of your favourite brooch locations. Cut them in half if the are too big and use more than one to showcase a brooch bonanza.

I am wearing a summer dress with two large, 1960s gold tone metal brooches. Two sponges provide the support to hold them up and keep them secure all day and all night. A light 1950s plastic brooch is supported by a sponge on another cotton dress.

All purchases include a complimentary brooch sponge but you can purchase extras here. You can choose from Navy, Brown, Pink or Light Blue with White on the reverse. Choose a colour to suit the fabric you will be pinning the brooch on e.g. a black top - use navy. 

Most pins pre-1950s have a simple C-clasp that is only secure if the pin is pressed gently against the hook. 

Victorians wore thick wool clothes and the brooches were secure. Extra long pins that stretched past the end of the brooch ensured a belt and braces approach. A contemporary wearer of Victorian jewellery will often receive a painful reminder of this as the pin pushes through our delicate modern fabrics into our skin.

Even the safety clasp post 1950s is not 100% secure. Again, depending on the weight and thickness of the fabric, the pin will flop, dangle or worse...tear a hole in our clothing.

Heavy 1960s brooches were designed for thick acrylic suits and polyester dresses that were made of super resilient material that lasted for ever but often became a bit stinky. Put one of those brooches on a cashmere sweater and let the drooping, the ripping, the weeping begin.

So, what's a broochie to do?


Use a make up sponge to safely and securely fix your favourite, your newest, your best brooch to whatever you fancy and dance the night away. 

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