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1980s zebra lapel pin

What is a lapel pin?

What is a lapel pin? 

It is a short pin with an end cap that is locked and unlocked through pinching.

The pin is usually less than 2 cm long. 

Sometimes called a tie tack these pins were designed for jackets rather than ties as a traditional tie tack has a t-bar and chain. This type were popular in the 1940s-1970s.

These lapel pins also look great and will be secure on hats, bags, jackets and jumpers.

Personal, jaunty and often a reflection of interests, associations or souvenirs their popularity only increased with the development of industrial jewellery making techniques in the 1930s.

Fast forward to the 1950s and lapel pins begin to be worn by everyone on their lapels. Lapel pins are still manufactured and sold today and often worn to show affiliations or interests. The vintage ones are designed and cast with much more detail and elegance.

And then the 1980s...where our story ends. They get big, bigger and biggest! This collection features a menagerie of animals and birds as well as plants and other figurative items.

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